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What could a solution for better mind and body health look like?
As I mentioned at the beginning we actually poison our bodies and minds far more with the thoughts we think, that are out of alignment, toxic, negative and serve no value or purpose to our lives, or the lives of others.  Worry is important ONLY from the perspective that we need to look at things from all angles, to be able to make an informed choice of whether something is useful, helpful or needful for us to do or be; otherwise worry actually serves no purpose apart from making you sick and weak – both in mind and physical body. 

So now you have been able to get an understanding how it is not just what we put into our mouths, but what we let linger in our minds, what we continue to focus our attention on that contributes in a BIG way to our health.

And now a little information that will help your microbiome to be happier and work for you rather than against you.

 Some of the physical aspects of nourishing ourselves are:

  • Water –  dehydration is a major factor in depression, pain syndromes and poor digestion and skin issues.
  • Balanced nourishing and nutritious diet – fresh vegetables, fruit and less processed food
  • Exercise (at least 20 minutes a day walking is excellent and will make a difference), and remember to
  • Watch your thoughts.  Every time you notice your thoughts are racing, or not healthy – not nourishing or warm or loving, then stop, and re-focus and find something better to think about.  A fond childhood memory, a pet, a child, flowers, scenery, good friends, pop on a funny movie and laugh…anything to bring your vibration UP and help you feel yummy inside.
  • Good fats – essential fatty acids – the better ones you can take are the Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils.  They help with digestion, metabolism and cannot be made by the body.  Deficiencies can include mood swings, memory loss, dementia, vision problems, hair and skin issues, sleep problems and emotional sensitivities.
  • Fibre – roughage – from fresh vegetables and fruit, beans and peas, oatmeal and oat bran.  Not enough can cause constipation, colon cancer.  Good amounts can reduce bowel disease and problems, reduce risk of heart dis-ease by lowering cholesterol, and can help greatly with weight control by helping you to feel fuller.
  • Carbohydrate gives energy storage, fuel, aids digestion and gives food and fuel to the brain and nervous system.  Too much and you are susceptible to poor blood sugar control, weight gain and brain fog, and will often cause us to feel weary and sleepy – especially after our meal or mid afternoon.
  • Protein – vital for our cells – the building blocks of the cells.  The body is not able to store protein like it does fat and carbohydrates, so is necessary for us to have some sort of protein regularly during the day.  Fish, eggs, red meat, chicken, and some plant based proteins.  Protein in our diet assists our cells to make enzymes, hormones, antibodies, insulin that regulates blood sugar levels, providing energy and helping our digestion.

In times of stress and trauma some people will over eat and others will lose all desire to eat – neither is balanced, yet is how it is.
Some people with depression will eat more because of how the mind sabotages us, others will tend to do the opposite or at least eat less and their body will burn more.

In times of stress and trauma we need extra energy, mostly because our brain is in overdrive and that requires more fuel than the rest of our body.  This is also why when people are studying they need extra food.

So the key is balance – with food, with thoughts, with our choices of what to worry about and how much to worry about it.
Check in with yourself regularly –

  • Are my thoughts nourishing me?
  • Is the food I eat nutritious and nourishing to my body and mind?
  • Am I stressing about things that I cannot control?
  • Is my body hungry or is it my mind that is hungry? Learning the difference makes a HUGE difference.

Eating unhealthy foods – processed foods, chips, fizzy drinks/energy drinks, lots of bread, sweets and sweet food will wreak havoc with our body and take a huge toll on our mind.  Vegetables, fruit and good protein (not processed stuff like sausages, sausage rolls, or nuggets etc)

There are many changes we can all make, and if we feel overwhelmed, just start small.  Change one thing today.  Stick to that change, then add another tomorrow, next week or next month, then you will find before long you have eliminated habits that were unhealthy, and most likely have more energy and feel better.

“If you try to control everything (or anyone) and then worry about the things you cannot control, you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of misery & frustration”   

You have a choice – many tips in the information above and even more where this came from.  I offer consultations for balancing the body/mind via skype or in-person sessions.
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