Digestzen – a power filled essential oil blend to assist you with your digestive upsets and help provide support on physical and emotional levels

if you have not read part 1 of Your Emotions and Your gut, you may like to do so here and you may like to check this article out….
Now we follow our food out of the stomach into the small intestine.
This organ receives food and drink that has been well churned (we hope).  The role of this organ is to “pick out” the useful bits that nourish and support the body, passing what is not useful to the large intestine to be passed out of our body.
The small intestine emotion is discernment – making good choices – what is good and valuable and what is not.
So the ability to be clear, to have a clear mind is important.
Just as many things or people in our life are not useful, healthy or good for us, so too our food is.
There are valuable nutrients and fibre in most food, however some parts are toxic, and some foods are toxic, have parasites, chemicals etc, so the small intestine needs good discernment for us to be healthy.  It needs to “sort though” all the information/food, keep what is useful and get rid of what is not going to nourish and support you. 

So we could say part of our “mind clutter/confusion is actually coming from the stomach, spleen & small intestine, and part of our digestive/malnutrition issues are coming from worry unclear or poor choices in our thinking.

Another consideration here is how well are we “digesting life”?
If we are having challenges taking in life, sorting out what is helpful, supportive and life affirming then we will have issues with the digestive system, particularly the small intestine.
Do you lack interest in life, your surroundings and others.
​Maybe you have the tendency to “bite off more than you can chew” and find yourself totally overwhelmed because you cannot see a way through.  This could cause you to even lose your appetite, not only for food, but life.

​As I have touched on our microbiome I will give a little insight here – we are outnumbered over 10/1!  In our body for every cell, that is “US” we have over 10 cells that are not us, yet are of us and play a vital role in helping us to be healthy.  They help us absorb nutrients, manage our weight, fight infection, make minerals, vitamins and enzymes, that cannot be made any other way.
IF there is imbalance in our microbe populations we can experience emotional challenges, dis-ease, illness and mental difficulties.
For great mind and body health our microbiome needs to have many varieties and good amounts.  Antibiotics, and many household cleaners and hand wash products are some of the main killers of our healthy bacteria levels, and a diet that is lacking fresh, unprocessed food is the next worst enemy of the healthy balance. 

So with all this information about eating for nourishment and nutrition for our bodies and mind, we need to know what that could look like……and you will find that information in part 3 coming soon