History, environment and family!
No point blaming them tho…because YOU can do something about it.  Yep – you read right – YOU CAN BREAK FREE!  Whilst our family, our hereditary, history and the environment may have contributed a greater percentage, YOU have CHOICE.

  • We all began as a single cell
  • We have experiences in the womb that shaped our lives right from conception
  • We inherited our beliefs & cell memories from those gone before
  • Dr Bruce Lipton states that only 5% of our illness/disease is genetically based
  • 95% is directly influenced by the environment – things we have been learned throughout our experiences as a growing human in our society, trauma, accidents, events, illnesses etc
  • Everything that happens to us is filed away as memories and stored by the brain in our tissues.
  • These memories are stored as pictures, regardless of how we perceived them – good or bad

If you would like to break free from what you think you know and have been told about wellness, healing and vitality and see just how powerful your ability to change and adapt, then courageously step into the next box….

Pre-Conception – birth
The total health, including the emotional state of the parents seems to have the great impact on the health and emotional well-being of the fetus, especially the emotional state of the mother.
The old reasoning’s & teachings used to be that just the blood, nutrients and some chemicals were passed over the placenta to the fetus.

Miracle of human nature and survival
As the babe will be born into the same world as the mother and father are experiencing – regardless of whether they live together – then nature has intended that this “down-loading” occurs even before birth so the babe is at least semi prepared for the environment they are to enter.
In general, if the mother is experiencing a warm, supportive and caring environment then the babe is being “programmed” for entry and life in this type of environment –

  • calm,
  • contented,
  • easy-going
  • adaptable.

OR if the mother experiences a harsh or cold, uncaring or depressing, unsafe or violent environment then this is the type of environment that the babe will be born ready to experience –

  • reactive,
  • unsettled,
  • tense,
  • needing lots of stimulus,
  • all systems on alert,
  • agitated,
  • susceptible to illness.

Still with me? Can you see things that may have contributed to your well-being?…read on for more….
To take a look at how clever our body is – 
When a person is stressed or in an unsafe or uncaring or threatening environment the body will respond internally by
Raising Adrenalin, cortisol/cortisone – this causes sore tired muscles (if not used up in exercise) and adrenal fatigue and in turn increases
Fat (fatty acids) and glucose to give the body fuel and energy to fight or flee – also the
Heart rate will rise and blood will thicken – to get more oxygen to the tissues for the fleeing or fighting – raising the blood pressure.
As a result of these responses, regardless of whether there IS a fight or flight, the body will dump more… Insulin – into the system.  This is to counteract the extra glucose circulating.  (Great if you have to flee or fight as it gets used up HOWEVER if you do not your weight will increase, as well as extra insulin is hardening and damaging to the arteries and brain) raised insulin levels can increase your likelihood of diabetes
So to counteract this situation the body will manufacture extra Cholesterol – this lines the arteries, protecting them and the brain (2/3 of your cholesterol is produced by your body). And if this cholesterol is not used up in exercise, then your cholesterol levels will increase,causing blockage.

While there will always be some level of stressors in our life, many are not healthy AND can be addressed.  We can see here how damaging stress and our responses to life can be.

We then note that how the mother (and father) see and experience their environment, their perceptions or expectations of what they see & how they react are vital.
This information is conveyed to the fetus through mums blood supply.

The fetus “sees, feels & senses” what the mother senses
In the stress response our ability to make good choices is compromised, our immune system either cannot recognise the “out of balance microbiome” or is too weak to fight them and our digestive system is not in good order causing a weakness in the growing digestive system, giving tendencies to allergies and intolerance’s – long term stress is very damaging.

If mum is stressed, or even overwhelmed, then this is what happens in her biology and the fetus experiences this too.

This downloading into the fetus starts happening from the end of 1st trimester
The digestive system and immune system become compromised and the thinking or intelligent brain is less developed in comparison to their reactive brain.
If the babe is not really wanted, or will be a burden, financially, emotionally or physically then this information is also relayed to the fetus through the blood too no matter how well we think we hide it – our thoughts change our chemistry and if we have a babe growing within, then they are affected by this chemistry.
They already have this information, and they know that their support is not guaranteed.

I can see the wheels in your mind churning, so much is making sense, with either YOUR health issues or the health issues your loved children are facing, or your significant other.  It is amazing what we see once we become more aware of potential contributing factors…
There is NO blame, shame or judgment – we all do the best we could/can at the time….however The impact of all this on our precious lives CAN be reversed, or prevented.
When we can work with a mum during pregnancy, we are able to help HER to impact her mental, emotional and physical state as well as the impact it has on her little one growing within.

SO how does this work?

To have a healthy cell, organ, body part, body, family, community or country there needs to be communication – good communication.
How do we know what in the body needs addressing & where in the body the communication changes need to be restored, reconnected, strengthened, disconnected or new connections made?

So many choices & possibilities ….no one knows what is happening in the body – it is just too complicated, however 
BodyTalk is a complete system that enables us to sift quickly & effectively through all the possibilities that exist for you at this time. (all the factors that are influencing your health or lack of health, right now)

BodyTalk recognizes the connection between the body and mind and how the conscious and unconscious habit patterns, thoughts, and attitudes restrict the body and affect disease.
It is through the use of the body’s inborn wisdom that we determine all the facets of disease and can then prioritize how, and when the problems should be addressed.
Every day, mental, emotional, environmental & physical influences create stressors that adversely impact our natural healing ability. These influences also impact our ability to feel happy and stress free.

Based on proven scientific principles, BodyTalk taps into your natural healing ability to reveal what is the priority and then facilitates bringing the appropriate systems within your body back to harmony.

It is not just our thoughts that are stressed, but all of our cells are impacted & put into a state of dis-ease….THUS the heart & head are the true rulers of our body – an important concept in the BodyTalk System. 
We bring people’s awareness to the fact that they DO have the resources to maintain healthy balance and even heal.
With BodyTalk we are able to remind the tissues & body parts what their job is and re-establish the healing ability of the body.

Activating the specific healing ability of your body brings about changes in the disease process rather than symptom suppression.

Balancing and strengthening the energies within the body leads to an internal environment that better supports healing and repair, and this will enhance your ability to heal, be more adaptable and have better relationships.

So if you are keen to experience a greater level of health and well-being, to deal with the stressors in your life more effectively, or want help for your children…book now. Distance or in-person consultations available.