Here’s a cold harsh reality when it comes to website results ..

There is NO one magic bullet to transform your website’s performance and turn it into a profit-making, slick marketing machine which generates new clients and product sales on a daily basis. Sorry to be a party pooper however, your current website success is actually determined by several different variables.

For example, here’s just 3 important questions you may wish to consider;

• Can visitors easily use & navigate your site?
• Do you have a compelling & visual message which what sets your practice apart?
• Is there a clear & decisive ‘call-to-action’ for new visitors on your home page?

Now, I appreciate the list above is very general which is why I’ve included 2 quick and easy home page strategies below to make your website more profitable today.

Profitable Website Strategy #1:

Position Your Most Important Content Within The ‘F’ Shape

Information such as your contact details, booking buttons, products etc. should be placed within the ‘F’-shape area. The upper left of this ‘F’ is the most important real estate on any page whereas the lower right quadrant is the least important and hence can be used for content such as blog posts, resource links etc. Why prioritise the ‘F’ pattern on your home page? Simple, your site visitors, prospects and existing clients will generally read your site in a ‘F-shaped’ structure which makes certain areas of your computer screen or iPad worth more than others. Eye studies indicate that the invisible ‘F’ patterns (as shown in the heatmap image below) on your site are the most important locations.

F-Shape Heatmap

Profitable Website Strategy #2

Create A Home Page ‘Hero’ Image

When done correctly, hero images and headers are mightily captivating. They give your visitor an instant understanding of your message and what’s to be expected throughout the rest of your website. So .. what is a ‘hero’ image? A hero image is actually just a large banner image prominently placed (usually in the front and centre) on your home page. The hero image can either be static or dynamic; for example rotating between different images. This is the first ‘appealing’ graphic your visitors will see on your website and hence it should have a strong focus or message and visual interest. Importantly, the design needs to be clean (and uncluttered) and text should be subtle and secondary to the main image you choose.

Home Page Banner Hero Shot

Use these 2 strategies throughout your website (especially the ‘F-Shape’ content) and you can expect to notice a difference with how you engage your visitors, keep their attention and lead them to your desired goal. Whilst there is no ‘magic bullet’, having a clear content structure within your site is essential as your visitor’s attention span continues to diminish online.

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