Do you hurt so much you wonder if you can take anymore?

 Is Your Pain Physical, Emotional/Mental, Unexplained Pain or a Combination?

  • Address the cellular memory around any Incident or Trauma
  • Release the Tension in the Muscles & Tendons caused by your distress
  • Assist the body to recognise and eliminate or address chemical and toxin imbalances
  • ​Develop strategies unique for your situation to address  torment, anguish and worries
  • Get to the root of Unexplained Pain symptoms
  • Ease pain with specific techniques
  • ​Accident, Trauma, Illness
  • ​Chemical/Toxin
  • Torment/Anguish
  • Abuse
  • Worries  
  • Memories
  • Unexplained
  • People tend to address physical pain much more proactively than any emotional pain.
  • Emotional pain often impacts our lives far more deeply than physical pain does.
  • Physical pain is often the body’s way of distracting us from deep emotional pain.
  • Physical pain, when a result of accident, illness or trauma is visible to others and can gain more sympathy – emotional/mental pain is unseen and can be as painful or more painful.
  • Many people never get an answer to their unexplained pain, until they start to understand what is underlying it – this gives them relief and freedom, because once seen it cannot hide again.

Ongoing physical pain from accidents, trauma or illness after they have healed is often because of the emotional connection still being trapped in the tissues and/or from the body being in a physical holding pattern of tension and support from the time of the incident. It is still in protective mode!

The body presents us with unexplained pain because it is out of balance; it is trying to tell us something is not entirely supportive of our way of living.

   True health is adaptability.  

This does not mean we do not get ailments, illnesses or injuries, it means that when we do, we are able to adapt and change and return easily to wellness.  

However what is underlying our ailment , like life experiences, our living situation, traumas, accidents, environmental toxins along with how long it has been percolating, will have an impact on how quickly we recover.

Recovery can be lasting and will often be much faster using non invasive and non medical means when we address ALL factors in the correct order.