I’m the Relationship Whisperer –
Transforming Pain, Bullying + Trauma in Relationships

Rebuilding Relationship breakdowns with simplicity, ease stealth of undercover transformation.  Transform YOUR life to break intergenerational patterns & blocks of the past to a life of freedom contentment to recreate empowered remarkable relationships.

You know how conflict and or bullying can destroy relationships, create health issues, and sets unhealthy example for the children? What I do is provide experience, support and tools to assist people to break this conflict/bullying cycle, to recreate empowered relationships worth having that fill you with appreciation every day, as well as inspire your kids to want + create great relationships.

As a wellness consultant I assist mums & dads in relationship conflict to have empowered relationships, better connection & feel safe & respected, however what really rocks my socks is to assist people to break the cycle of conflict, bullying and abuse to leave a better legacy for coming generations.

Parents and singles can reclaim Self-Assurance Self-Respect Self-Assertiveness, to transform their Inner Tormentor to go beyond the shame of bullying and abuse to remarkable relationships for themselves (and their children).

Because this work IS an inside job – when you stop bullying yourself you become empowered – become empowered and others do not bully you, because you have removed the vibration that attracts the bully. AND by becoming empowered you have removed the victim vibration at the same time, so the bullying stops.