Learn to See with Clarity, What is Happening & Learn What You Can Do About it.

  • Feel you cannot take any more, yet you keep getting more?
  • Want that to end, to stop feeling like you are walking on broken glass all the time – afraid to speak or do in case you get blasted?

I help you

  • To understand the BIG picture of your life and breakthrough the barriers so you can have freedom from any form of powerlessness.
  • Get to the root cause of your issues, root it out, clean and clear the mind of all that is false and destructive….
  • To have healthy life, healthy relationships, and greater happiness.

Whether it is a little or a lot you would like to change – I would like to help and support you.

I teach

  • Emotional and mental and physical empowerment for all areas of health and well-being.
  • Skills for becoming capable, emotionally and mentally more fit
  • Ways to assist and enhance your physical wellness with natural options.


Opportunities = a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.
Aspirations a hope or ambition of achieving something.

Life gives us opportunities – often because of circumstances we do not see them as such, or we do not see that we can take them and make something our our lives…..I help you find and see what life is offering you, to and assist you to start living your aspirations.

Because of what we have seen and experienced of what life has handed us, we feel Inadequate and or unworthy of even making change – I am here to teach you it can be so much different.  I know so, for I have lived both sides.

“Give a woman a fish and she will feed her family for a day….Teach a woman she CAN fish and to fish and she will feed her family for a lifetime”.  

I teach you skills and tips to take into the rest of your liferight now,  that you can implement for yourself and share with family and friends.

Health, Wellness and Life Coaching will assist you to be well and stay well.