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Travel Back In Time with an Elegant and Memorable DC3 Flight Experience

From Start to Finish, This classic aviation experience is about feeling the nostalgia,
history and emotion!

Over 30 years
experience in NZ

CAA Registered airline in NZ

Professional, focused
and friendliest pilotbrs,
Cabin and Ground crew

Choose Your Flight Experience..

DC3 Scenic Flights

Auckland & Hauraki Gulf DC3 flights

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Whitianga Days out

DC3, wine, lunch! Private as well as Combined public flights..

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Other Events

Including Airshows, location shoots and parachute jumps..

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Charter the DC3 Airliner

Charter the DC3 Airliner – Auckland Scenic Flights and other day trips and overnight destinations..

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Pacific Trailways

Get all the details here pacifictrailways.co.nz..

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Passenger Information

Book your flight experience and Check in at the DC3 Hangar..

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Owned And Operated By New Zealanders With
A True Love Of Flying

Take a Flight Back in Time to the elegant age of air travel in New Zealand , when passengers dressed up – Hats, Ties, Gloves and Heels….and how you travelled was as important as the destination. With that lovely low Pratt and Whitney engine sound and 1940’s/50’s music in the cabin, you will experience how flying used to be….. Fly Back in Time …

However you don’t need to dress how they did back then.… but you can if you want to! (Soon they will have Flights dates that you can…)

The DC3 – (Douglas Commercial Three) were popular for being ‘large’, luxurious and durable and have been described as one of the most reliable aircraft ever built. It is a CAA certified airline style aircraft and is required to meet high levels of construction, certification, maintenance and pilot training.

DOUGLAS DC3: The most significant transport
aircraft ever made..
Developed in the United States, the Douglas DC3 is a fixed-wing propeller – driven aircraft whose speed and range revolutionised air transport in the 1930s and 1940s. DC3s played a key role during World War 2 and have had a lasting impact on the airline industry. A total of 16,079 DC3s were produced, with more than 400 still in commercial service as recently as 1998.


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