Audience Websites Performance Plans

Do I Really Need a Performance & Care Plan For My Website?

At Audience Websites, we take your site’s security and performance seriously ..

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) which also makes it a prime target for both hackers and spammers from all over the globe. These bored unsavoury types have become more sophisticated at breaking into sites and wreaking havoc – just because they can. Unfortunately, if you’re not able to manage your website software (themes & plugins updates etc.) then you risk becoming a victim to these widespread malicious attacks. WordPress releases regular security updates however, in our experience, this isn’t sufficient enough so we take it one step further. Once your site is live and proud, our priority is to ensure your pages and valuable content is constantly monitored and 100% secure for your visitors to access and experience. On top of preventing your site from malicious attacks 24/7, you may also be interested to know;

Website loading speed affects your Google rankings and online results ..

The loading speed of your site is crucial to building your business online. Google will record the time it takes your home page to load and use this to determine your site’s overall performance and rankings. For example, your Google rankings are likely to be affected if your website takes longer than 5 seconds to load. Pretty harsh right? More importantly, a slow loading site will lose potential clients in today’s instant, online world where the average (online) attention or patience span sits at just 8 seconds! Our care plans below take care of these small (but essential) details so you can focus on building your business without worrying about your website’s state of health. In addition to security and speed optimisation, the weekly cleanups help you to thrive in Google and keep happier prospects on your site for longer.
Hacked Website
Slow Website Spees

How Do We Support & Optimise Your Website’s Performance 24/7/365?

Our Full Care & Performance plan is perfect if you just need your website well maintained, protected and performing at its optimum for Google and your visitors.

The monthly services include:

✅ Total peace of mind that all your website software is up to date and functional

✅ Weekly backup of your website (stored on secure servers) so you can rest easy if anything ever goes wrong.
We can restore the website quickly and easily for you.

✅ 24/7 security monitoring to prevent any unexpected attacks and keep malicious intruders or e-criminals locked out.

✅ High speed website loading to boost your Google rankings and keep prospects on your site for longer

✅ Simplified weekly Google Analytics report sent to you so you can see how to improve your site for more client conversions

✅ Access to graphics tools and marketing strategies to quickly boost your site’s traffic and rankings


Full Care & Performance Plan – Investment $67 p/month

Our Optimal Care & Performance plan is ideal if you wish to make your website your MAIN marketing machine for attracting regular client enquiries.

The monthly services include:

✅ 30-Minutes of content management to save you time and/or help you optimise your website pages for more traffic

✅ Free professional images and graphics editor to make your blog and social media posts stand out above all of your competitors

✅ Floating lead capture forms and advanced call-to-action software which at least DOUBLES your visitor-to-enquiry rate


Optimal Care & Performance Plan – Investment $127 p/month

Our Ultimate Care & Performance plan is designed specifically for those who are serious about getting a profitable return on their website marketing.
The monthly services include: ✅ Comprehensive onsite SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to ensure your most important keyword terms are picked up and ranked highly by Google ✅ A 1-hour strategy consulting session (normally $350+gst) to provide precious accountability; helping you achieve those business goals to grow your business.  

Ultimate Care & Performance Plan – Investment $297 p/month

Technology is constantly changing and your website must reflect this in its functionality and design otherwise your prospects will look elsewhere.

Audience Website Care Plans & Pricing

Keeping your website up to date, backed up and secure can be time consuming and a little tedious. It takes you away from what you should be doing, which is building relationships with your customers, staff and partners.

We have intimate knowledge of the software your website is built on and have been using it for several years. We are in the best position to keep your website up, running and performing at its very best and we do this for our clients with one of our website care and performance plans below.

Frequently Asked Website Care Questions

Can you help with increasing my website traffic and results?
Yes. Firstly, we plan and structure all sites for maximum conversions although we’re aware you may wish to take your marketing to the next level. At this point, you may wish to take advantage of either the ‘Optimal’ or ‘Ultimate’ Care & Performance plans depending on how much support and accountability works for you. All our plans are designed to help increase your site’s results and include access to branding software, helpful web promotion guides and swipe sheets.
Isn’t this service covered by my hosting provider?
Yes and no. Whilst your hosting company will certainly provide some valuable website support, it won’t be customised to your WordPress site and business needs. We partner with a reliable and experienced hosting company and fully respect their support. We also realise that WordPress and any other open source platform demands daily security and site speed monitoring alongside regular software updates. These essential updates are the responsibility of the website owner and not your hosting provider. As business owners, website care and performance is often at the bottom of our ‘to-do’ list which constantly leaves your website exposed to intruders and attacks. The plans we provide focus on those finer essential website details and are flexible to your business goals.
Can I cancel my plan at anytime?
Yes. You will never be obligated to any contract of sorts. We would just require 7-days (email) notice before the end of your current month’s subscription. You can also temporarily ‘pause’ your plan and we’ll keep everything set up for a small admin fee of $19 per month. If you and your website no longer requires our support then no problem! We’re happy to stop the plan as and when needed.
Do you offer any annual care & performance plans?
Yes. This support service has been set up in response to our client requests and hence is a fairly new and necessary level of ongoing support. We fully commit ourselves to protect, update and optimise your website and naturally like to reward our clients who commit to a longer-term relationship with an incentivised discount. The reduced annual rate depends on factors such as whether we’ve built your site or have a previous working alliance etc.
Do the Performance plans include recovery of hacked websites?
Yes, absolutely. The reality is any website can be hacked at anytime although you can significantly reduce this risk by using strong passwords for your site backend and hosting logins. Strong passwords include a mix of letters, numbers & symbols. Many maintenance / care plans out there do NOT include site recovery however your peace of mind and website confidence is of utmost importance to us. The weekly site back ups we perform and store (securely) on your behalf makes any recovery process quick and painless.
How do I access your support team & what is the response time?
Great question! All website care clients receive priority support via our user-friendly ticketing support system. You can expect to receive a helpful response from our support team within 12 hours or less depending on the nature of your request.
Are these plans available to any WordPress website owner?
Yes indeed. We originally set up these services to provide ongoing support for our website clients however, we are also looking after many non-client websites. Many developers do not justifiably offer ongoing care to their clients even though overall performance and security are critical to your business website’s results. Since July 2015, Audience Websites Performance Plans have also been made available to businesses from all over the world.

Not Sure Which Plan Is RIGHT For Your Website?

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