Audience Websites Blueprint

Audience Websites Client Success Blueprint

Our philosophy is to ensure your new business website is built on a robust and effective foundation. To achieve this, we’ve created a helpful roadmap which makes client communication smoother and invites your input at each stage of development.

The diagram below provides a visual insight into our 8-week client blueprint; from initial ‘Discovery Session’ through to the anticipated launch of your new business website.

Most websites fail to prepare and are then prepared to fail

Audience Websites Blueprint – From Discovery Session To Launch ..

90-Minute Discovery Session To Ensure You Reach & Build Your Ideal Audience

This exploratory meeting is without a doubt the most important phase of the Audience Websites blueprint. It represents the most important part of your website build and determines the future success of your business. The key objective is to plan an effective online strategy around your needs to ensure your website grows your business. In particular, we will establish all the following marketing and branding essentials;
  • Your target audience (who do you want visiting your new site?)
  • Your ideal client/customer avatar (your website copy must talk to this person)
  • Your key value proposition(s) (how you stand out amongst your competition)
  • Your primary website goals (this may not be apparent yet)
  • Your secondary website goals (most websites overlook this essential part)
  • The most important software to drive your website and business forwards
& more .. By the end of your Discovery Session, you’ll know exactly what results you require from your new site and, importantly, how to achieve them.

The Website Wireframe Demonstrates Your New Website’s Layout & Sitemap

In week 2, we can move ahead and create a ’skeleton’ layout for your home page. This will be customised to your audience and business needs; established during your Discovery Session in the previous week. The home page structure and sitemap is crucial to keeping new visitors on your site, Google rankings and overall conversion rate. We will ask you to approve the home page layout so we can then progress to the design stage of your website in week 3.

Adding A Beautifully Modern Look And Feel

During this stage, our design team adds your new home page design to one of our interactive client portals to keep you involved throughout the design process. Moreover, you can view the drafts and add your own feedback online to help us tweak and finalise a beautiful home page design. Your input is important here as the design work opens up further creative channels and enables you to see things you maybe wouldn’t have considered initially. By giving you access to comment on your designs (we can provide 2 rounds of revisions), you’ll feel 100% confident moving forwards into the website build phase.

Time To Build Your Ideal Business Website!

You’ve played your valuable part up to now. It’s time for us to create a new website which matches your design and business needs established in weeks 1-4. All of the important planning and design work from this first month is now put into action. Moving ahead, we use one of the most aesthetically stunning and flexible WordPress (mobile responsive) themes to guarantee your business a modern and standout web presence. This is generally a 2-week process and gives us the required time to set up and customise the relevant software for your business.

Home stretch – Does Your Site Look Professional & User-Friendly On Mobile Devices?

This is the final exciting phase and includes testing your newly built site across the most popular mobile devices and web browsers used by your prospects. We’ll also send you a sparkling image to show off your new site on the phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. We invite you to test and approve the new site so you’ve got total peace of mind before your own anticipated launch. We’ll then be on standby to transfer your site and hand over the digital keys (to your customised admin panel) once you give us the green light!

Need a website which actually works for your business?