About Us

Combining Effective Strategy & Custom Design To Grow Your Business

Audience Websites is about making web life easier and more convenient for service professionals, entrepreneurs and forward-thinking businesses.

We believe you should be able to rely upon a website which consistently drives your business forwards. Hence, we combine modern, beautiful design with conversion tools and strategies to help grow your business online. For this reason, every website we create is driven by your specific business goals and adheres to our ‘ABC’ philosophy. A successful & profitable website in today’s digital age must;
  • Attract the right type of visitor ie. your target audience
  • Build engagement to keep 1st time visitors on your site longer
  • Convert these cold visitors into subscribers, leads & customers & REPEAT
Reach Your Target Audience

Is your current website green & growing or ripe & rotting in today’s crowded web space?

Let’s face it; nobody wants to admit their website is underperforming especially if you’ve invested an arm and a leg having it built! The sad reality is 95 from 100 new visitors (on average) will land on and leave your site without obtaining a return ticket. It’s an incredible statistic largely triggered by the following fact;

According to Microsoft, our (average) attention span sits at just 8 seconds; 1 second less than that of a goldfish

Let’s put this another way .. You have 8 seconds to convince your new visitor they’ve landed on the right site and your business can help solve their problem (pain) and move them closer to their desired outcome (pleasure). If your website already does this then congratulations! The next step is to engage this visitor sufficiently so you’re able to capture relevant info and convert them to a new subscriber, lead and/or customer. The question is would more targeted and daily leads benefit your business right now? If you’re thinking about fresh ways to improve your online results, we’d love to discuss your vision, current business needs and help create a plan for taking your business forwards.

Need a website which actually works for your business?