Your current website may well be damaging the health of your business!

Why? It’s not deliberate; it’s just that your web developer is NOT a marketer or branding expert. Subsequently, too many businesses settle for a nice-looking website which lacks targeted traffic or regular client conversions. A website without a home page strategy is akin to a glorious show with no audience; it’s not enough to simply produce the play and expect an eager audience to turn up on opening night!

Convert Your Website – Section #2:  (Big) Hero Image

Section Goal: To visually welcome, impress and entice visitors to stay on and experience your website.

Website Hero Image

Increase your client conversions with;
???? Using ONE banner graphic (rotating banners DECREASE overall conversion rate)
???? High resolution and appealing (full page width) graphic
???? Image which stirs an emotion and/or represents a beneficial outcome for your target audience
???? 1-3 lines of clear and engaging text; your main value proposition or call-to-action
???? Call-to-action button with relevant and inviting text

Convert Your Website – Section #3:  Captivating Headline and/or Short Explainer Video

Section Goal: To attract your visitor’s attention and engage them sufficiently to stay on your site and find out more about the benefits of your product(s) and/or service(s).

Website Headline and Explainer Video

Increase your client conversions with; (Headline)
???? An attention grabbing headline (e.g. question) which speaks to the biggest (emotional) need / want of your target audience
???? Headline which empathises with your visitor’s current situation and promises a solution
???? Bigger and darker headline text on a white background

???? A video between 1-3 minutes with short relevant text lines / bullet points, engaging visuals, background music and/or voiceover
???? A sales script which draws upon the ‘AIDA’ sales principle;
> Grabs the Attention of your visitor
> Creates genuine Interest
> Generates an emotional Desire
> Instructs your visitor to take Action i.e. the logical next step
???? Call-to-action button within or below the video

Convert Your Website – Section #4:  3-4 Site Description Boxes (or Tasks)

Section Goal: To offer your visitors a clear starting point for the main 1-4 tasks they’ll undertake when visiting your site.

Website Description Boxes

Increase your client conversions with;
???? Sections which are engaging and more likely to increase your bookings and/or sales
???? High resolution graphic above text description box
???? Text description which creates curiosity and hence leads to more visitor clicks
???? Appealing call-to-action button under each description with inviting button text e.g. ‘Find out more’

Convert Your Website – Section #5:  (Short) Customer Testimonial or Review

Section Goal: To build instant trust with your visitors and help them overcome their buyer objections and skepticism.

Customer Testimonial or Review Section

Increase your client conversions with;
???? An Image and full name of client providing the testimonial
???? Shorter text and varying sentence length; i.e. no more than 3-4 lines within a paragraph
???? Endorsements which focus on how your product or service SPECIFICALLY helped the client to overcome their original challenge or roadblock. Equally, how has their life situation improved compared to before they used your product or service?
???? A relevant call-to-action button or link below the testimonial e.g. ‘Find out how our service can work for you too’

Convert Your Website – Section #6:  Primary Website Call-To-Action

Section Goal: To convert your traffic into returning visitors, active leads and, ultimately, paying customers.

Primary Website Call-To-Action Section

Increase your client conversions with;
???? A relevant and progressive text line above your call-to-action button e.g. “Stop wasting your precious hours on social media which doesn’t work” or “Next steps to making Facebook profitable for your business ..”
???? An embedded or pop up form which only (initially) requires 1-3 bits of info from your visitor
???? Image background (or contrast colour) to make your call-to-action section stand out

Convert Your Website – Section #7:  Business Value Proposition or Vision

Section Goal: To convey to your visitors (in at least one way) that your product or service is a better option than that of your competitors.

Value Proposition or Vision Section

Increase your client conversions with;
???? A summary of WHY your business exists to serve your audience i.e. What is the motivating or driving force behind your product or service?
???? Simple and emotive language which resonates with your target audience
???? Main Benefit which distinguishes your product or service from direct competitors
???? Transparent text and image background which aligns with your your brand identity

Convert Your Website – Section #9:  Pop-Up ’Lead Magnet’ (Email Capture Form)

Section Goal: To build an email database of potential customer leads which return to your site and further engage with your business.

Lead (Email) Capture Form

Increase your client conversions with;
???? A valuable giveaway (PDF report, email series, video etc.) in exchange for your visitor’s email address
???? Free content which is useful, relevant and a soft presell to your paid product or service
???? Engaging headline which promises your audience a big benefit and/or desirable result
???? Pop up form which appears as your visitors scroll down or just before they go to leave your site

These 9 sections alongside the respective conversion tactics will help your website to thrive in today’s competitive web space. If all you do is improve just 1 or 2 sections on your home page then you can still expect to improve visitor engagement, repeat traffic and prospect enquiries. Conversely, you can expect your bounce rate to drop (ie. the % of visitors which leave your site after viewing only 1 page) and, in turn, enhance Google rankings for your main competitive site keywords. Whatever your situation, avoid indifference at all costs as Google and your visitors will not reward your business for it!

What is your biggest website challenge right now? Share your experience and any questions in the comments section below!

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